Make art together

Make art together

Get creative! Drawing, collages, painting, photography, woodworking, jewelry making; only your imagination sets limits for how you can make art. It can be a nice way to stimulate creativity, and facilitate a good time spent together. Depending on what the person you are caring for needs, you might need to direct them in some matter, by telling them what to do next. Try to work it out along the way.

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Sometimes, a person with dementia can lose their interest in recreational and leisure activities they used to enjoy doing. The person might find the activity difficult and tiring, which can cause feelings of frustration or anger. Memory impairments can reduce the person’s ability to start or complete the activity.

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AAL supports the development of products and services that make a real difference to people’s lives - for those facing some of the challenges of ageing and for those who care for older people if they need help.

The project has an overall budget of 2.029.091,76 €, to which the AAL will contribute with 1.477.535,07 €