Tehnici de relaxare

In următoarele video-uri vei fi ghidat prin secvente de relaxare. Trainingul autogen si relaxarea musculară progresivă sunt potrivite pentru a vă relaxa înainte de culcare sau în situații stresante de zi cu zi si vă ajuta sa vă deconectați.

Training autogen

Relaxare progresivă Jacobson

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The DemiCare project has been funded by the Active and Assisted Living programme. AAL is a European programme funding innovation that keeps people connected, healthy, active and happy into their old age.

AAL supports the development of products and services that make a real difference to people’s lives - for those facing some of the challenges of ageing and for those who care for older people if they need help.

The project has an overall budget of 2.029.091,76 €, to which the AAL will contribute with 1.477.535,07 €